Outstanding service

Exceptional renovation of iconic buildings
I am driven by the desire to help my clients realise a dream, a vision to leave a lasting impression and a source of inspiration for future generations. I work as an Assistant to the Contracting Authority (Assistant Maître d’Ouvrage), I have extensive expertise in exceptional renovations and I accompany my clients from the drawing board through to the final delivery and acceptance of their project.

Over the years, I have found that most exceptional renovation projects suffer from major communication difficulties between the three main parties involved:
  • The contracting authority
  • The architect and his or her design team
  • The companies carrying out the work
An inadequate overview of the project, a lack of understanding of the issues and the technical approximations tend to limit all communication to a contractual level, where each party uses the contract to protect their interests. Protecting each party’s interests then takes precedence over the interests of the project and the final outcome. Everyone forgets that a renovation project is temporary. It is the final result that remains… The quality of the work delivered is often below the contracting authority’s expectations. The final cost of the project exceeds the initial budget and deadlines are not met.

I realised early on that four key factors determine the
success of a project:

An in-depth understanding of the contracting authority’s challenges
The selection of partners who can meet these challenges
Strong collaboration between the parties involved
Detailed monitoring of operations

Based on these observations, my mission today is to accompany my clients, the contracting authorities, from a blank sheet of paper through to final delivery and acceptance of their projects, both in France and abroad.

I am committed to managing each phase of the project alongside the contracting authority and with all the players involved, by coordinating the implementation and monitoring of collaborative project management approaches, such as B.I.M (Building Information Modelling) and Lean Construction applied in particular to exceptional renovation projects. At each stage, I undertake to challenge the parties involved to make commitments that will ultimately result in a project that meets the contracting authority’s expectations while respecting the budget and deadlines.
When I select a project, I undertake to be the single point of contact for my client, the contracting authority, throughout the entire process. Assistant to the Contracting Authority is an extraordinary job because it is the only one that allows me to accompany my clients from the drawing board right through to the realisation of a need, a vision, a dream… My mission is to put all my knowledge and expertise at the disposal of my clients to allow them to leave a mark in time, to create a place to live, a symbol, a source of inspiration…

Guillaume Millo