On 25 July 1994, my life was turned upside down. I was on the construction site of the new underground train station in Monaco, with my grandfather who was a professional photographer. We were sitting in a car outside the security perimeter. Outside, alarms sounded to warn of an impending blast of explosives. Then, a powerful explosion shook the Rock of Monaco. A huge cloud of dust invaded the tunnel. A mixture of fear and excitement unleashed an immense fascination in me. That day, I knew! I wanted to be like those people, who helped make the impossible possible.  To make it possible… To restore the impossible.
Make it possible… Restore the impossible.
Restoration or renovation is giving life back to history. It’s preserving a heritage.
Restoration or renovation is giving life back to history. It’s preserving a heritage. Later, I had the honour of managing the works to breathe new life into the Château Saint-Antoine in Marseille, which had been left to ruin. This famous building inspired Marcel Pagnol to write one of his most famous works: Le Château de ma Mère. On the day of its inauguration, I once again felt this deep conviction. The most important thing in the act of constructing or renovating a building is to leave a mark in time for future generations. This exceptional renovation project was an impossible act, and that is precisely why we did it
Restoration or renovation is giving life back to history… It’s preserving a heritage. It was an act of freedom and a source of inspiration in a builder’s existence. What’s more, I am firmly convinced that renovation is part of a future in which our planet’s resources will be cruelly lacking. In our search for professional excellence, I am convinced that humanity can transcend the limits of what is possible and leave a mark in time
Château de St-Antoine
The Port of St-Raphaël
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